Medical manufacturer to introduce you to the custom of the Mid-Autumn festival? What are those?

by:Huiya     2020-12-11
Lunar calendar in August 15, is one of the traditional Mid-Autumn festival. At this time a year autumn, in the middle of the so called Mid-Autumn festival. In Chinese lunar calendar, is divided into four seasons in a year, each season is divided into mon, zhong, season three parts, and therefore also known as the Mid-Autumn festival the Mid-Autumn. On August 15 the moon more than the other months of the full moon round, more bright, so they are called 'the moon and the', 'the mid autumn festival'. That night, people look up to the sky like jade such as dish bright moon, nature would look forward to a family reunion. , that consigns the also take this feeling of hometown and relatives thoughts of love. So, the Mid-Autumn festival is also called 'the mid autumn festival'. Our people in ancient times there is 'autumn sunset evening moon' custom. Ride on, that is, worship god. In the zhou dynasty, during the autumn which should be held on cold and ceremonies. A big table sweetmeats, and place on moon cakes, watermelons, apples, red jujube, plum, grapes and other offerings, including the moon cake and watermelon is * * * * cannot little. Watermelon to cut into lotus shape. In the month, the moon gods in the direction of the moon, red candle high fuel, the whole family, in turn, worship the moon, and then by the housewife cut reunion moon cakes. People cut in advance how many people, good family at home, in the field, all want to work together, it will not cut more can't cut less, shall be the same size. From ancient qi no salt, when he was young once devout worship, grew up, with superior character into the palace, but not by luck. Year August 15, enjoy the right to see her in the moonlight, feel her beauty, made her queen, after the Mid-Autumn festival moon worship. Months the goddess of the moon, is famous for its beauty, the girls worship, is willing to 'seemingly chang e, such as the bright moon'. In the tang dynasty, the Mid-Autumn moon, play prevails. In the northern song dynasty imperial capital. August 15 night, the city people, rich or poor, the youngest son must wear adult clothes, religious worship say wishes and pray for god bless the moon. Southern, civil distinctions to cakes, from the meaning of reunion. In some places there is grass dragon dance, masonry pagodas and other activities. Since the Ming and qing dynasty, the Mid-Autumn festival customs more prevalent; Many places formed the burn bucket, tree Mid-Autumn festival, the point tower lights, put the sky lanterns ( Ticket) , walk the moon, dragon dance and other special customs. Today, played by the customs, has been far from the old. But a banquet to celebrate the very popular, people ask wine month, celebrate the good life, or wish distant relatives healthy, happy, and family life '. Form of the custom of the Mid-Autumn festival a lot, also each are not identical, but with people's life infinite love. The Mid-Autumn festival, people's main activity is the moon and eat moon cakes. Relevant tags: medical cap
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