Medical kits storage period

by:Huiya     2020-12-06
After medical kits from high pressure sterilization pot, can put in the package respectively goods shelves for cooling and drying. In the process of cooling the parcel overlap or stack will promote water concentration, causing a penetrating pollution. When the water never sterilization of bacteria sterile surface, surface to penetrating pollution occurs. Dry sterilization package should be on waterproof dustproof sealed box, be affected with damp be affected with damp or exposed to the air ( The dust spread bacteria) 。 To avoid sterilization material handling for many times, especially when items for outstanding or sharp edges, should be paid attention to more operation should be careful, prevent bending, extrusion, undermine its sealing or puncture the package, and so on and so forth. Sterilization good package should be placed far from where the ventilation pipe and light for storage. Ideal storage environment of low humidity, air flow, temperature change is small, easy to use. Sterilization items the storage life of the validity of the different types of medical kits sterilization items is controversial, especially to the more controversial whether some items can be permanent. If the goods have been packaged, sterilization and storage appropriate, i. e. not tear open and not be affected with damp be affected with damp, not be, sealing at the end of the destruction or damage (without the other way Related to keep sterile state) , they can keep sterile state. According to the following factors to consider the storage duration of sterilization items: (1) the type of packaging materials and classification; All landowners parcel using the number of times; (3) may come into contact with the parcel number; (4) the location of the parcel to save, it is in open or closed up the custody; (5) the conditions of the storage location ( Such as cleanliness, temperature, humidity, etc. ) 。 Relevant tags: medical kits
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