Medical kits of commonly used disinfection

by:Huiya     2020-12-06
Medical kits of commonly used disinfection method has the following two kinds: ( A) Steam sterilization: medical kits in high pressure steam sterilizer, temperature 120 ℃, 2 under atmospheric pressure, with saturated steam sterilization last 1 hours. Without high pressure sterilization equipment, using ordinary steamer instead. Put medical kits in the cage, cover tightly, after boiling water for 2 hours. To test whether meet the requirements of sterilization, left a few sulfur or powdered alum, installed in a small bottle package in the package, after disinfection, sulfur chemical water crystallization or alum powder into a milky white liquid to achieve the sterilization requirements. After disinfection of medical kits, near the stove or standby after drying under the sun. Open the bag on the instrument on stage, when the operation will be blunt instrument package put up, and then scoop out in the disinfectant equipment, saline flushing, also put up after dry, neat rows. ( 2) Boil disinfection: this is a metal equipment, glass equipment, silk and other commonly used disinfection method. Since the cataract small equipment within the medical kits can also be used in disinfection, especially continuous will be several procedures, and blunt instrument quantity is limited, advance cannot be divided into several small steam sterilization, can be temporary boil disinfection. Put grease or blood on his instrument scrub clean, sterilization pot, submerged in the water, heat to boil 10 ~ 15 minutes. Surgery in urgent need of 1 - Can use two instruments boil for 5 minutes. If the instrument contaminated boiling best more than 1 hours. If added 2% sodium bicarbonate make into alkaline solution to the boiling water, which can increase the boiling point of water up to 105 ℃, and increased bacterial lethality, and protect the metal devices to prevent rust. After the boil disinfection equipment shall be immediately removed, unfavorable stay in water, prevent rust. Starting from the water boiling boiling time. Plateau low pressure, low boiling point, should be calculated at altitude, every 300 meters high, sterilization time 2 minutes long. Relevant tags: medical kits
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