Medical health protection mask cleaning method is correct

by:Huiya     2020-12-06
Our common medical health protection mask is mainly used to prevent the harmful substances into the respiratory system, the discussion is the fog weather, will be a lot of inhalable particulate matter in the air, are harmful to human body, the streets are wearing masks, compared with the ordinary masks gauze masks more professional, effective isolation of harmful substances into the. Gauze masks took a long time, and we will pay attention to its clean, the outer layer of the mask are often built up a lot of outside dust, bacteria and other contaminants in the air, and the inner block out bacteria, saliva, therefore, the two sides can not be used interchangeably, otherwise will outer dirt stained in clingy facial when inhaled human body directly, and become a source of infection. The masks in don't wear, should be folded into a clean inside the envelope, and will be close to the nose and mouth folded in a face, avoid by all means literally into a pocket or hanging around his neck. Of medical protective mask to clean first, and then want to undertake professional disinfection, soaked in 2% acetic acid peroxide solution in boiling water for 20 minutes or 30 minutes in the boiler steam for 15 minutes, dry check masks are very well. When in use of medical protective mask we must pay attention to clean sanitation, because use gauze mask is itself in order to avoid the harmful material into the respiratory system, prevent respiratory tract infection, if do not pay attention to the usual health that thed loss outweights the gain. Relevant tags: medical gauze piece
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