Medical health materials

by:Huiya     2020-12-05
Collection of 449 medical health materials refers to the medical health materials, medical and health institutions in medical treatment, prevention or health care and other related activities used in the consumption of auxiliary products. Chinese medical health materials function dressing liquid dressing biological material biodegradable material considerations opened after contact with the hand of avoid by all means of intermediate compound gasket material introduce 1) Wound injury: various kinds of burns, burns, ulcers, bedsore, wound dressings, wound dressings, biological fluid film, wound repair film, the more injured bone membrane, silicon gel, collagen sponge, scar, scar patch, cold hot compress plasters, etc; 2) Functional dressings: liquid dressing, chitosan, chitin, infusion film, obstetric umbilical, biological hemostatic film, etc. ; 3) Biological materials, biodegradable materials, interventional materials, slow-release preparation for materials, drug, etc. ; 4) Medical surgical items: PVC gloves, kits, production package, gown, Hat) , surgical film/sheet/drapes, etc. ; 5) Paste material: no sensitive medical adhesive plaster, breathable tape, medical tape/paper duct tape, antiblocking rinses the operation; 6) Protect the material: medical cotton ball, cotton swabs, bandages, band-aid, first aid kit, absorbent cotton, absorbent gauze, gauze pad; 7) Medical textiles, medical bed sheets, quilt cover, protective clothing, protective mask, protective clothing, tablecloth, bib, apron, curtain, etc. ; 8) Medical nonwoven: all kinds of medical ( Water, heat, spun-bonded, elastic, plain, Papua, absorbent cotton) Non-woven, hydrophilic nonwoven, SMS non-woven, melt-blown non-woven, coil, sheet and post-processing non-woven series products; 9) Dressing machinery: wet tissue packaging machine, medical aid, infusion stick machine, slicing machine, rewinding machine, ultrasonic masks, medical gauze fold machine, bag cotton machine, mattresses and other processing equipment; The choose and buy and use the edit 1. Medical gauze to choose and use the matters needing attention ( 1) First to see the finished product packaging and product specifications: finished goods generally there are two ways, one is sterile way, the other is a sterile way. Request product manual or product packaging factory is sterile or non sterile way. ( 2) Aseptic packing of medical gauze can be used directly, and the way in a sterile gauze packing must be by the methods of high temperature and high pressure steam or ethylene oxide sterilization rear can use. ( 3) For medical gauze with sterile packaging, packaging logo must specify the sterilization shelf life or production date, batch number, packaging damaged disable descriptions or logo, one-time instructions or prohibit use identity again. If found damaged packaging or over the period of validity, no longer buy or use. ( 4) Buy medical gauze is to see the appearance of the product. Products should be soft, odourless, tasteless, colour and lustre is pure white, does not contain fiber and other processing material, should not be in the ultraviolet light show strong blue fluorescence. 2. The choose and buy of medical cotton and use caution with medical gauze. 3. The classification of medical bandage, use and the choose and buy, and use the matters needing attention ( 1) The classification of medical bandage, medical bandage points two kinds of pure cotton cloth bandages and elastic bandages. ( 2) Medical bandage purpose: gauze bandage and elastic bandage, the main purpose is dressing or fixed. (1) pure cotton cloth bandages: mainly used in hospital after surgery and family in vitro wound, chitin dressing, fixed. (2) elastic bandage: mainly used for retention of the patients with lower extremity varicose veins, orthopedics, etc dress, in order to improve the blood circulation, prevent limb swelling. Also can replace long after surgery the corset, used in different parts of the body compression bandage or general dressing. ( 3) The choose and buy of medical bandage and use note: (1) are generally in a sterilization medical products for sale. If use medical bandage the wound site, should be considered from the wound using; (2) when the choose and buy medical bandage to see the appearance of the product. Products should be white, no macula, no pollution, no serious defects or broken wires. 4. Medical adhesive plaster to note: the choose and buy should choose clean not seep paste, paste volume smooth adhesive plaster 5. Band-aid to choose and use notice ( 1) The choose and buy the first thing to see the product packaging and product specifications. On the package should have the word 'sterile' or graphic symbol, one-time instructions or graphic symbols, damaged packaging disable descriptions or logo. ( 2) Avoid contact with the hand after unsealed composite mat in the middle. Relevant tags: medical cap
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