Medical gauze piece can be used to stop bleeding

by:Huiya     2020-12-05
In recent years developed a kind of gauze roll is dedicated to the hemostatic gauze, its appearance is the same as ordinary gauze, but meet quickly to absorb the blood after blood, suck blood for more than five times its size. Between 5 and salt content is less than 1%, and within the human body cell are similar, so no stimulation to the human body function, and can promote wound healing, application is very satisfied with the special effect of gauze to stop bleeding. Hemostatic gauze hemostatic principle is: (1) chemical to stop the bleeding. After hemostatic gauze with blood, can produce a large number of negative ions, activation of blood coagulation factor Ⅲ and Ⅶ, thrombin formation, under the catalysis of thrombin, plasma protein generated the rapid formation of fibrin coagulation clot, stop the bleeding. (2) physical bleeding. Hemostatic gauze in blood after forming sticky colloid closed vessels, stop the outflow of blood, and with coagulate blood clot formed covering to protect the wound; Gauze with blood will quickly vampire, volume expansion, have the effect of mechanical compression hemostasis. Specific methods, nose bleeding, will be 'hemostatic gauze roll' twist roll, rotate into the nasal cavity, 1 ~ 6 hours to go. Its advantages are as follows: (1) non-toxic side effects to human body, also do not have any adverse reaction. (2) the hemostatic effect is good, suitable for all kinds of people, including the sJ,) 6 and the patients. (3) the price is low, easy to carry and can be used for home and travel. Relevant tags: medical gauze piece factory, medical gauze piece price
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