Medical gauze piece at the time of purchase how to identify the quality

by:Huiya     2020-12-05
Medical gauze piece how to identify the quality when buy medical gauze piece is one of the more common to medical supplies, whether it's in the hospital, clinic, or can be seen in daily life. But beware, not all medical gauze piece is qualified, because medical gauze piece is often used to wound, so must make when buy good quality level. As medical supplies, even small gauze piece requirement is very high, some gauze piece is soft to the touch, but the density of gauze and not up to par, phosphors and color is after bleaching. Never even after processing, to some for gauze piece we can't be used in wound. Not only don't care, even serious still can cause wound infection. What should we pay attention to, good medical gauze piece is based on high density pure cotton non-woven + blotting paper, double-sided adhesive firmer. Not only can be used for wound dressing, hemostatic, can also be used as a baby's saliva towel, cotton, etc. , that effect is good. If found in use, medical gauze piece of fuzzy phenomenon, this is usually not qualified. In order to ensure the quality of medical gauze piece, you try to choose a regular stores to buy. Our factory sales of medical gauze piece through strict quality testing, welcome to buy. Relevant tags: medical gauze piece factory, medical gauze piece of manufacturer, medical gauze piece price
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