Medical explain the use of disposable medical pad for your requirements

by:Huiya     2020-12-06
We produce the disposable pad, complete specifications, neat about the specifications of the width is 80 cm within any specifications, length 150 cm, thickness and gram weight can according to customer's requirements to build. Reliable quality, price concessions. System works for hospital beds, patient search and incontinence patients to use at home. The disposable pad is also called: disposable medical care pad, polymer medical pad, we here is simple for you to introduce how to use the disposable pad requirements. Earlier: need to see the product before use is in the effective time and kaifeng. Second: at the time of use to see if there is any leakage, have this kind of phenomenon is prohibited to use. Third: this product is disposable product, destroyed after use. And the product is disposable products, by a layer of PE film, a layer of non-woven fabric, more than three layers of paper or two layers of toilet paper and fluff pulp. It needs to be made in non-woven fabric chosen as the surface, middle water absorption core layer, need to choose polymer materials. Above all is to use the disposable pad requirements content, hope to you to choose and buy when can bring you good advice. Relevant tags: disposable medical cushion, medical mat non-woven fabrics
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