Medical equipment disinfection sterilization

by:Huiya     2020-12-08
Medical equipment used in most of the medical and surgical equipment is made of heat resistant material, so need to be heated, mainly steam disinfection. However, since 1950, need low temperature sterilization of materials ( Such as plastic) Made of medical equipment and instruments increased. Epoxy ethane since the 1950 s has been used for thermal and humidity sensitive medical equipment. In the past 15 years, some new system of low temperature sterilization ( Such as hydrogen peroxide gas plasma, peracetic acid soaking, ozone) Have been developed and is used for the disinfection of medical equipment. Sterilization can eliminate surface or liquid of all the microbes, to prevent the spread of diseases associated with using the item. The key item is a spread of use without adequate disinfection pathogens of high-risk, but recorded and disinfection of the key items of the transmission of pathogens are extremely rare. This may be due to health care equipment used in the sterilization process has a wide range of security. What is the concept of 'sterile' is measured by the sterile probability of each sterilization. This probability is often referred to as product aseptic guarantee level ( SAL) , defined as the probability of occurring after sterilization, individual living bacterium. Contact with sterile tissue or liquid of medical equipment is considered to be very important. The items when use should be disinfected, because any microbial contamination could lead to the spread of disease. These include surgical instruments, biopsy forceps and implanted medical devices. If these items are heat resistant, it is suggested that the sterilization process of steam sterilization, because of its reliability, consistency and fatality rate is one of the biggest security guarantees. The heat and humidity sensitive things, however, reprocessing needs to use low temperature sterilization technology ( Such as ethylene oxide, hydrogen peroxide gas, etc. ) 。
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