Medical disposable hat is essential head protective equipment

by:Huiya     2020-12-06
Head face protective equipment including disposable hat, hood, two screens, protective glasses, etc. , and at work, you need to do the following: ( 1) Enter the biosafety level 3 laboratory work must be medical disposable hat. ( 2) When a clear head to be susceptible to chemical and biological hazards pollution, protection the exact head protective equipment should be used. Equipped with positive pressure system when necessary. ( 3) In may cause eye injury ( From the physical, chemical, and biological factors) At work. The eye protective measures must be taken. ( 4) Used in the laboratory of protective equipment, one-time friends product according to the pollution of waste processing, reusable equipment must be according to the program can be reused after disinfection treatment. ( 5) Medical disposable hat manufacturer to remind the laboratory should strictly carry out the equipment maintenance plan. Relevant tags: medical kits, medical disposable hat, the disposable hat
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