Medical devices - Dental disinfection procedures

by:Huiya     2020-12-08
Such as spores test results shows masculine gender, how should I do? If the machinery ( Such as time, temperature, pressure) And chemical ( Internal or external) Indicators sterilizer work, single spore positive test results may not show fault sterilizer. Can be implanted outside the items do not need to recycle; However tyvek sterilization, sterilization operation personnel should be repeated spores produced positive BI test immediately using the same cycle. Sterilizer should be removed from the use, and the sterilization procedures to review, to determine whether the operator error should be responsible. If repeat spore test results were negative, operating procedures, right the sterilizer can be used to restore. If the repeated spore test result is positive, the sales of Tyvek sterilization roll after three consecutive empty room inspection or repair of the sterilization cycle, and through the BI test before revalidation, don't use the sterilizer. Where possible, from the suspicious load dates back to the last negative BI project should be recycled, repackaged and disinfection. Biological monitoring results shall be recorded and sterilization monitoring report. Factors influencing the sterilization effect of the common reasons: improper instrument cleaning problem: protein chip and salt may isolate organisms and sterilization agent, thus affecting the effect of sterilization agent. Reasons: improper packing - Used the wrong packaging materials - sterilization method Excessive packaging materials. Problem: prevent fungicide penetration; Packaging materials may melt. Stop fungicide infiltration. Reason: sterilizer improper loading or overload Even if there is no overload, and no separation between the packaging or box problem: increase the heating time, hinder the sterilization agent to infiltrate the sterilizer load center. Can prevent or delay the sterilization agent contact with indoor all items completely.
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