Medical device sterilization method

by:Huiya     2020-12-08
Once the item is clean, dry and check, those who need sterilization items must be packaged or placed in a rigid container, and should, in accordance with the AAMI and other professional organizations providing guidelines to place it in the instrument tray/basket. These instruments shall be opened with a removable parts of items should be removed, unless the device manufacturer or researchers to opposite party to provide specific descriptions or test data; Complex instruments shall be carried out according to the equipment manufacturer specifications and test data preparation and disinfection; A concave device to drainage; The weight should be placed in position is not easy to damage the fragile goods; And the design of the instrument group should be based on the weight of the instrument and the distribution of the density and quality of the metal. Although there will be no specific surgical instrument sterilization weight limit, but the heavy metal is one of the reasons for the wet package. After the sterilization cycle, and the moisture inside the tray in the oven. Other may affect the drying parameters is the density of packaging and design. Maintain surgical instruments sterile there are several ways to choose, including hard containers, open the skins ( Such as medical valve bag or heat sealing sterilization pouch and three-dimensional paper bag) , flat roll bag or three-dimensional volume bag ( Such as, paper-plastic composite pipe design, allows the user to cut and seal the ends of the form a bag) And the sterilization packaging ( Woven and nonwoven fabric) 。 Medical institutions may use all of these packaging options. Packaging materials must allow the sterilization agent penetration, provide contact pollution protection in the process of operation, to provide effective barrier to microbial penetration, and keep being after sterilization of aseptic processing products. The ideal sterilization packaging should be resolved successfully the effectiveness of the barrier, penetrating ( Namely, allowing the fungicide penetration) , air permeability, For example, allow dissipation) , ease of use, suspensibility, flexibility, durability, tear strength, toxicity, smell, waste disposal, cotton wool, cost, and transparency. Unacceptable packing with foil paper, PVC and PVC kitchen type transparent packaging or hydrogen peroxide gas plasma ( Such as flax and paper) Used together, should not be used for medical packaging products. In the center processing, can press the order or not order ( Packing at the same time) 。 Packaging should do so, in order to avoid tension and gap. Order two pieces of paper packaging using standard sterilization packaging, packaging one by one, the process create a package in a package. The order process using packing two worksheet at the same time, so need to perform a packing. The latter provide multilayer protection for surgical instruments, from pollution, and because the package only once, save the time. Due to the strictness in equipment operation, multi-layer packaging is still a common practice, even if the single barrier packaging performance over the past few years have improved. Prepare packing items written and graphic program should be ready, and used by personnel when performing wrapper.
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