Medical bandage have what function

by:Huiya     2020-12-06
With the continuous improvement of our country economy level, medical bandage application in the medical industry is becoming more and more widely, and have higher requirements about the quality of the textile. Medical bandage in progress at the same time, not only has brought the very good protection effect for the patient, at the same time using more convenient also. The bones are the framework of the supporting body. Some bone injury ( Fracture, crack) , this part of the body lose support. People in daily life, walking, sports are likely to appear accident cause bone trauma, production accidents, traffic accidents, war is the cause of bone trauma, bone trauma, causing pain, lose traumatic part of the body movement function, bring so much trouble to people's life. Human bone trauma with self-healing ability, of course, but may cause bone trauma such as fracture, fracture dislocation, deformation, and must be reset, fixed as to bone wound healing. Medical bandage in the temporary fixed support role in the process of breaking bones, to keep the patient's bone and soft tissue, relieve patients' pain, swelling and muscle spasm. In addition, it can also be used for surgery and plastic surgery some cases need to be fixed support. Medical bandage is high-grade non-woven fabrics, this kind of material of high comfort, texture soft, good elasticity, strong toughness, therefore become the best choice in the medical products. Relevant tags: medical gauze, medical bandages, non-woven fabrics
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