Market supervision administration of opinions from adjust health food health care function of a public announcement

by:Huiya     2020-12-05
To further strengthen health food health care function claims management, plug up loopholes in health food function claimed that was false advertising, increase the consumer health food function that scientific knowledge and accurate judgement, avoid confused with drug prevention and treatment of diseases, in different historical period approved by the health care function on the basis of combing the summary, group medical, pharmaceutical, food, nutrition experts in areas such as multiple arguments, to study and put forward the adjustment of the opinions of the health care function. Matters regarding the announcement as follows: first, the proposed adjustment function says the health care function. Experts demonstrated that some existing health care function claim is in line with the health food regulatory orientation and health requirements, but inaccurate expression problems, easy to use false or exaggerated propaganda, misdirect consumer. To make claims that a more accurate function, suggest to adjust part of the health care function claims statement ( See attachment 1) 。 Function claims that the expression of adjustment after the release, health food product registration certificate holder or authorized production enterprise can adjust their products directly related functional expression of packaging, labels, instructions, without the need for a separate application for alteration registration, listed product can sale until the end of shelf life; In to accept the review process of examination and approval, the review agency will direct adjustment function claims that the applicant without correction. Second, to cancel the health care function. Expert argumentation that part of the existing health care function claims with the current health food regulatory orientation and health requirements do not fit, especially for young children, pregnant women, the nurse and other special people's health should be stricter supervision and management, this part of the health care function should be cancelled. At the same time, should cancel the past historical period has been approved but now no longer accept the review for examination and approval of the health care function, See attachment 2) 。 Since the date of release to cancel the above health care function, related products shall immediately stop production, has the production of health food, does not involve the quality and safety, sales to end of shelf life; State administration of market regulation is no longer accepted, the review for examination and approval of the health care function. Three, needs further research. Experts demonstrates that, because of regulatory history, the existing part of the health care function claims and evaluation method of easily confused with drug treatment, some Suggestions to the existing function claim positioning, expression and related functional evaluation method of further research, consultation, See attachment 3) 。 Welcome to put forward opinions and Suggestions on relevant units and individuals, and carried out in accordance with the attached list, please fill in, on April 28, 2019 feedback to bjspzqyj @ 163 by E-mail. com。 Accessories: 1, the first proposed adjustment function claims describe the sanitarian function of the health care function of 2, intends to cancel 3, needs further study demonstrates the health care function of market supervision administration of related tags on March 28, 2019: medical gauze piece
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