'March 21' the accident investigation team of the State Council: accident enterprise was found in a row, the relevant head of serious violation

by:Huiya     2020-12-05
'March 21' the accident investigation team of the State Council: accident enterprise was found in a row, the relevant head of serious violation reporter jiangsu xiangshui day jia 23 from the State Council appropriate chemical co. , LTD. '3 · 21' special major explosion accident investigation understands, the explosion accident, some places and enterprises on the improvement of the work of production safety is not seriously, not solid, formal, go through the motions, accident enterprise continuous was investigated and was notified, be fined, the relevant person in charge of enterprises is still serious violation of laws, its own will, ultimately tragic accident. Under the State Council held on the same day they are jia appropriate chemical co. , LTD. Jiangsu xiangshui day special major explosion accident investigation team '3 · 21' first plenary meeting, the emergency management department chief pointed out that to solid carefully to do a good job of accident investigation, find out the cause of the accident as soon as possible, serious responsibility; According to 'science and rigorous, in accordance with the law in accordance with the rules, seek truth from facts, pragmatic' and 'four pass' principle, objective and fair to through analysis and judgment of the accident; To seriously fulfill their duties in accordance with the rules in accordance with the law, strictly abide by the disciplines accident investigation and strengthen the supervision and management team of cadres. The director stressed that the party committees and governments at all levels and leading cadres to strictly implement the regulation on the local party and government leading cadres and the safe production responsibility system, the concept of safety development, must not make chemical industrial park, major hidden dangers of clusters, the incidence of the accident; To strictly for safety supervision, improve safety standards and barriers to entry, strengthen for production, management, storage safety oversight, presenting all kinds of accidents; To strengthen and improve the safety supervision law enforcement, public disclosure of hazard and typical illegal behaviors, and highlight areas and the problem of unit to interview in time and to carry out the 'look back'; Will fully checking security risks, hold of dangerous chemicals, coal, coal mine, road traffic, and other areas of the key industries, effectively prevent and resolutely curb major workplace accidents, make people's lives and property safety be powerful and reliable protection. Relevant tags: medical cap
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