Life small tips how to make alcohol cotton ball

by:Huiya     2020-12-05
Small knock small touch is inevitable, families should regular disinfection products, often said alcohol sponge on medicine refers to the alcohol concentration of 75% alcohol added to the sterilization made in cotton wool. Alcohol cotton ball is mainly used for skin and wound disinfection, is one of the essential supplies that occupy the home, can buy, can also be homemade. So, in the home how to homemade? Below is a summary of production methods. Method/process preferred ready to make alcohol sponge used materials, including sterilization absorbent cotton, 75% alcohol, scissors, etc. Absorbent cotton cut with scissors to cotton wool in sealed container, it is best to glass bottle. Take out adding alcohol to 75% alcohol cotton wool will be configured in the concentration of 75% alcohol into serving alcohol cotton inside the bottle, with cotton wool soaked all advisable, wet and dry is bad. Use when used correctly, take out the alcohol cotton, squeeze a little bit about the alcohol, and then hands or apply around the wound, such as scratches, inflammatory skin surrounding the ear hole, used for the sterilization, prevent infection. Whether very simple ah, ha, ha, ha, fixed for five minutes. Put them in good clean disinfection bottle, put in the home. Set aside. No problem. Relevant tags: medical cotton ball
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