Introduction and application of sterilization packaging

by:Huiya     2020-12-07
In the field of medical and health care, sterilization packaging mainly has the following four points: 1: packing material must allow the sterilization agent can effectively penetrate, and match the selected sterilization method. 2: must ensure that the contents of aseptic packaging materials, until the aseptic package is open. 3: packing materials should be convenient when the user open the sterile package of aseptic operation, and cannot therefore contents of pollution. 4: the items in the aseptic package when use should keep aseptic. The FDA will as the first class II for aseptic packaging materials ( There are potential risk) Medical apparatus and instruments. Using contaminated equipment in the operation, the result can be fatal. Therefore, disinfection supply center staff should choose appropriate packaging materials, zhongshan packaging co. , LTD. , in 2017 the United States FDA certification, has been to the market to provide quality medical sterilization packaging products including medical valve bag, medical non-woven fabrics, medical crepe paper and so on.
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