Infusion pressure bag

by:Huiya     2020-12-05
Range for the medical treatment unit air pressure method is used in emergency patients, the need to add input and liquid or plasma of the patients have the effect of speed up the infusion. At the same time reduce the labor intensity of doctor and nurse, recommended for the same patient. one Structure diagram 1. Storage airbag 2. Ring band 3. Put aside liquid bag fixed film 4. Tracheal 5. Valve (6). The inflatable ball. 1 the main technical index. Air tightness: infusion pressure bag should have good air tightness after 3 h, should have no leakage. 2. The condole belt of infusion pressure bag can hold 1 kg weight. 3. Product specifications repeatedly, 500 ml pure TPU1000ml infusion pressure infusion pressure bag raw material bag one-time 500 ml infusion pressure bag TPU1000ml infusion pressure bag four nylon fabric. Use method 1. Plasma bag into the infusion pressure or infusion bag in the interlayer, the plasma bags or bag hanging rope strung into infusion pressure within the rings with bag, then it hanging infusion is fixed on the shelf. 2. Knead inflatable ball with the hand, gas through the valve, trachea, to flow into the infusion pressurized air bag. 3. Transfusion volume size can be made of infusion bag up pressure is high, low self adjusting 4. After the infusion will press the gas valve, air valve is open air, will store the gas in the air. 5. Repeat this action if continue to infusion. Five. 。 Special advice: the product is used only for the same patient,. In order to avoid cross infection. Six. Note: the packing after infusion pressure bags should be stored in the relative humidity is not more than 85%, no corrosion gas indoor and ventilated. Packing after the infusion bag to comply with the requirements of the storage and use in pressure condition, from the date of delivery (within a year and a half Lasts for one year) , can't work normally, the production enterprises will be free to repair or replacement for the user. Relevant tags: infusion pressure bag
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