In sterile equipment are compared

by:Huiya     2020-12-08
In sterile industry, corrugated tube valve and the competition between the diaphragm has a long history. The diaphragm valve has simple structure, low cost, convenient sterilization. Compared with the valve, bellows valve specifications too little in the market. Now through the comparison of two kinds of valve bags sterilization selling products, clear their advantages and disadvantages are introduced. The nature of the first is empty. When the diaphragm valve is used in the horizontal pipe, must ensure that the installation shall be carried out in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. Otherwise, in the process of running, emptying ability will appear some problems, unable to completely discharge valves within the medium. However, different types of valve installation Angle is different, different installation Angle, to aseptic processing equipment - — Bag sterilization hot-selling design brings a lot of problems. Especially for the T of the structure of the diaphragm valve, emptying performance problem is more apparent. Compared with the valve, bellows valve will never have this problem. No matter what kind of structure, the body USES the bellows valve at work won't appear dead Angle. Therefore, strict to ensure the pipe is cut off, and can be installed according to the different ways in the pipe system with disinfection equipment. Second, the comparison of equipment availability. As users of equipment, should use the equipment as much as possible. Usually bellows valve will wear loss. Once for the diaphragm valve, wear, must be replaced. It is understood that the running time depends on the relevant production process. On the one hand, the flow of medium corrosion, pipeline cleaning, sterilization temperature, the pressure of work, and many other factors will affect the use of time. On the other hand, the deformation of the diaphragm can also decide to use time of the valve. Third, the durability. Most of the diaphragm valve in use process will not damage. On the contrary, they destroyed by mechanical compression. Although there are different level of flexible diaphragm valve, different coatings and ptfe frame cover, but all the valves will be internal medium wear. So, often in the aseptic process change valve is necessary. But bellows valve often don't need to change, can be used for a variety of production process.
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