How to use the disinfection bag

by:Huiya     2020-12-07
Medical valve bag is approved by the food and drug administration of medical devices. In 2008, the centers for disease control and prevention guidelines to remind us that these devices 'must allow penetration, in the process to provide protection, protection from exposure to pollution, and provide effective barrier for microbial penetration, and keep the aseptic processing products after disinfection. 'Using method include a series of steps, starting from the disinfection: the first step: the perforation and crease with protection article folded on the back. Fold back to the place. Step 2: using lead-free pencil or non-toxic not faded ink pen write the date, time, on the outside of the bag or bottle. If you receive a failure load report, this will enable you to easily pull out load. In your sterilization notepad record the load type, date and serial number. Step 3: put on practical gloves and personal protective equipment, will be dry and free of stains instrument ( Through the sonic cleaner) Into the bag. Don't fill up the bag. It should only be filled by three-quarters of the volume. To ensure that the instrument will not penetrate the parcel. Choosing the right bag. Don't be excessive filling and folding of smaller projects. When closed with no fold or aperture, sealing bag is properly sealed. Step 4: to remove excess air from packaging. Step 5: to remove from the adhesive strip, folded in the punch line, form a tight seal. Through in the entire area will run a spatula or the edge of the plate adhesive pressed together. Allow the adhesive glue on the paper 50%, 50% on plastic, or follow the validation of the mark in the bag. Don't put adhesive folded perforation. Adhesive does not contact the appropriate number of paper and plastic will not result in a seal. Strip is an important part of the process. It's on the material expansion after the formation of a seal. Line in the wrong place. Folding is always at the perforation. A reasonable design bag can reach 50% and 50% of the plastic cover of the paper. Have enough width of adhesive material with a clean perforation folding, allows a clean, uniform folding and sealing, to ensure safe storage disinfection, air and pathogens are not permitted to enter. Do verification mark in the company is now in the package, to ensure that you are close it correctly. Before the take off strip, must put the punch line folded and alignment. Step 6: will be filled with the parcel on the dirty side of the sterile area, until ready to process. Diagnosis and treatment of chair: don't wear gloves before you open the bag. Pollution from external packing can contaminate your gloves. When you touch instruments with gloves, you may cross contamination. Don't put the outer packing in the top of the instrument or tray. Packaging external has been exposed to environmental pollution, are not sterile. When you open the bag, allow the instrument 'dropped' into the tray, so that they will not be packing external contamination.
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