How to reduce the cost of the disposable pads

by:Huiya     2020-12-05
Nowadays, with the widely application of the medical pad in the medical industry, the demand for single use medical pad has been more and more, in the face of numerous users on the market, how to use medical in ensuring a pad under the premise of can meet the needs of the distribution is a problem of our research. We have done a test, recipe is: four (100 jins skim gauze, add soap About 2. 26 kg) With sodium carbonate. 1. 13 kg and 600 kg water, and at the same time, 2 grams per 100 ml of water and sodium hydroxide ( The alkali concentration ratio, 2%) 。 Test method: first use 'gradually increase method', alkali concentration ratio from 2%, 1. 7% of the test, the quality is fully qualified. To do the second test ( 1. 4%) , the quality is not qualified. And then made the third test (' split method ' 1. 55%) , the quality is qualified. Fourth, do 1. 475%, the quality is not qualified. At this point, determine 1. Save * * * 55% sodium hydroxide of alkali concentration ratio, it has to meet the needs of production, test and come to an end. Through experiments show that this method not only can guarantee product quality of medicinal pad, and reduces the production cost, annual savings of sodium hydroxide alone 7280 catties. Relevant tags: the disposable pad factory, the disposable pad manufacturer, the disposable pad price
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