How to prevent perforation damage in medical gloves

by:Huiya     2020-12-06
Medical gloves isolation medicine pollution effectively, prevent cross infection between doctor and patient, has become the necessary items at the hospital. In clinical, especially have a risk of infection in the operation, the medical staff is the main concern of the medical gloves worn or perforated, and the medical gloves damage is the most common problems in operation, especially involved in orthopedics, plastic surgery. Lead to medical gloves worn or perforation of the many factors, such as equipment damage, osseous tissue stabbing, gloves strength decline lead to rupture, the breakage of the large-area are easy to be found, as only a small punch is often not easy to find, hidden in cross infection risk. Therefore, it is necessary to advance detection of medical gloves durability performance. 2 # medical gloves durability performance is better, and 3 # medical gloves durability performance is poor, in use process run into sharp objects such as gram, ligature wire needle punch extremely easy to appear when damaged. In order to prevent the risk, many medical workers choose to wear double medical gloves to resist medical glove perforation is broken, and the research statistics, after using this method, the inner gloves worn perforation rate is only single glove breakage rate of about 10%. However, after wear double medical gloves, finger flexibility, touch sensitivity decreased obviously, to a certain extent, affects the precision of the operation, to artificially increase the risk of surgery. Therefore, the most fundamental way is still strictly monitor medical gloves quality before use, to ensure the puncture force can reach a certain intensity, reduce the clinical use of TCM glove perforation, breakage, reduce patient clinical risk of cross infection. In order to ensure the quality of medical gloves good at the same time, the staff also should combine the actual change in time of medical gloves. The damaged situation of medical staff to use medical gloves statistical study found that after four hours of continuous use gloves, medical gloves breakage is obvious rise, and with occult, therefore, should be replaced timely medical gloves. And some operation types such as open operation, its exudate, grease trap, biliary and pancreatic juice have corrosion effects on medical gloves, gloves lead to accelerated aging, performance decline, should check the replacement in time according to the actual situation of medical gloves. Relevant tags: medical kits
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