How to prevent infection with disinfecting bag?

by:Huiya     2020-12-08
Every year, tens of thousands of death from infection in hospital - — If appropriate aseptic procedures have been observed, the figure will be greatly reduced. Disinfecting bag is medical staff an easy way to help the patient health. The disposable medical supplies are used to store operation tools and tool, will be used in medical procedures. From the teeth clean to surgery, disinfecting bag helps to ensure that these tools are sterile before use. According to the infectious diseases prevention and control center ( 去掉) Each year, according to at least 10. 30000 people died in the hospital infection. There are more and more people lived, has been permanently disfigured or damage, if they don't come into contact with unnecessary pathogens, they will not suffer these injuries. An estimated 5% of the acute care hospital infection. This will lead to every year an estimated 2 million cases; Most does not lead to death, but can lead to discomfort, pain, fear, extra length of hospital stay, extra costs, sometimes also can lead to permanent disability, such as limb amputation, severe scar or other complications. Several parts of the hospital infection is the most common bacteria, especially in these places to colonize and enter human body, these places are: catheter related infections, such as urinary tract infection; Breathing machine related infections such as pneumonia; Blood infection; Surgical site infection. These types of infection, also known as the hospital infection. By observing the proper disinfection procedures, such as hand washing, and for all surgical instruments and equipment to keep sterile environment, to avoid infection. Disinfection bag of tools and safety equipment sealed in a completely sterile environment, the perfect solution until they are ready to use. From a reputable, experience in manufacture and sale of disposable medical supplies reliable company to buy these bags is very important. Will be your trust of choice! Sales of disinfecting bag must be made of strong medicinal materials, and must have a strong sealing is easy to use. Must have a clear indicator on the bag, if the bag has any tear or crack, indicator should be displayed immediately. Use disinfection bags are doctors, nurses, dentists and other health care professionals can take one of the many measures, in order to protect the may have impaired immune system, infections and exposure to high risk patients.
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