How to choose the high quality of sterilization bags right

by:Huiya     2020-12-08
Sterilization bags of high quality is an important equipment in general surgery or dental surgery. Disinfecting bag can be easily stored gauze, medical equipment and dental equipment, to ensure that the general surgery and dental surgery in a safe, clean, sterile environment. Before the surgery, dentist, surgeon, or other types of doctors to remove the tools and supplies the patient from the sterilization bags, will be more at ease, believe that they are sterile, a safe environment for medical treatment. In the public is being influenced by all kinds of influenza viruses, methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus ( MRSA, methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus) And many other diseases, bacterial and viral news reports of attacks today, this is especially important. Now many people are worried about the risk of infection of infectious diseases, so they will go out wearing masks, at any time with the belt with hand sanitizer. Must ensure that before this is to use the tools, instruments, and medical supplies clearly stored in safety, the necessity of aseptic packaging. So, in a high quality standard of sterilization bags need what important? They should include adhesives, hot sealing orbit, to prevent accidental torn or cut by a dental or surgical instruments. If they are made of solid materials, there are three layers of sealing joint, which helps to maintain good conditions of the instruments sterile, until they can use. High quality of sterilization bags should have transparent film, lock the bacteria and harmful gas; It is essential that all tools and supplies stored in the sterilization bags must be truly sterile before use. Sterilization bags is a very useful feature of blue transparent lid, can display bag immediately if there are any possible contaminants into the breach. Disinfecting bag is usually made from medical grade paper, has a strong solid edge glue, to ensure the sealing, protect the things inside. Medical grade of paper material is breathable, but the surrounding blocks the gas seal layer and bacteria. The ideal high quality sterilization bags of adhesive part of perforation, easy to fold, easy to instrument internal seal. Its material should be tested by the manufacturer, to make sure it has enough strength.
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