How to calculate the cost of making a surgical kits

by:Huiya     2020-12-06
Surgical kits cost accounting is a complex process, in order to accurately determine the cost of production of kits, to know the cost of production of the final product project is very important. These include non-woven fabrics and other raw materials. Non-woven raw materials, such as the longest validity is usually determined by the manufacturer. Medical equipment association standard, liquid barrier properties and is used to the protective clothing of health care facilities provided for each kits raw materials in its service life must reach the performance level. To comply with these policy rules, manufacturers to determine the service life of products is established on the basis of test for washing, and attached to the non-woven items by the quality control on the grid. After suggest washing number, the item will be discarded, or demoted to the minor non-critical purposes. However, we cannot equate 60 times cleaning with 60 times to use. Usually, due to the end user's misuse or damage of laundry equipment, an item before reach 60 times cleaning is discarded. Some items need to repeatedly cleaning to clean. I usually use a conservative estimate of 50 times when used to determine each use of a new generation of packaging, the cost of the kits and surgical drapes. Once you determine the expected use quantity, each piece of each use of non-woven fabric cost by the item's cost divided by the expected use quantity to determine. Sorting, cleaning and drying procedure with non-woven fabric should not be ironed, because there are likely to produce cotton wool. Therefore, traditional surgical cloth washing processing fees shall be limited to the cost of sorting, washing and drying. This should only be your production just as well a small part of the normal cost of a pound. Your replacement cost and 65 - it's ok cloth 75% of the production of artificial cost. This should make you closer to finishing, washing and drying costs. Of course, you can do a more detailed analysis to determine the actual cost per pound. An important factor to keep in mind is that the cost per pound should be much lower than normal cost charge to the customer. Inspection, off-line, tags and folding. Associated with surgery with ok cloth here most of the labor costs. Isolation cloth items should be checked on a light table, remove the cloth tag on quality control of the grid, then folding. Packaging materials should be checked, flat after the tag, to use packaging. On time - Action research to determine labor costs associated with each product. I recommend using the task table to collect the required data. Create a task list, so that workers can record his or her working project, how long does it take to perform a task, how many project production. For example, Mary Jane work from 8 a. m. to 9 PM, unpacking and folding of the operating room with drapes, produced a total of 400 pieces. The data collection process is to work on this part often overlooked laundry set the first step of production standards. In order to develop these standards, it is very important to develop a system to track production. Need to track the task of examples are: 1. Inspection, off-line, tags and folding kits. 2. Surgical drapes inspection, to take off the cloth with soft nap and folding. 3. Inspection of the packaging machine, stitch, tags and pile up. Once you determine the function of each time, you can through the calculation of the average of packaging operation involved area labor ( Including fringe benefits) To determine the cost. If you are not sure the cost of fringe benefits, I suggest that increase the 25 - on average hourly earnings 30%. The average salary for an hour multiplied by the percentage of making a pack of spent an hour ( Each pack divided by 60 minutes) Labor costs will be equal to the involved in this field.
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