How does sterilization bags work?

by:Huiya     2020-12-08
Sterilization bags used to perform disinfection. These are the packaging solutions, in order to protect the medical devices and equipment, to avoid exposure to bacteria and infectious diseases cross spread from person to person. These bags also ensures that the equipment before using again, not affected by the chemicals used in the sterilization. These bags have an indicator light on, it shows that devices are sterilized. Sterilization bags made from medical kraft paper basically. Other material is nylon used in the manufacture of PET or PP multilayer copolymer film. In the construction of indicator, using the epoxy ethane and non-toxic ink. These bags have a variety of sizes and shapes. Disinfecting bag is the basic purpose of disinfection of contaminated medical devices. Using medical apparatus and instruments, the sealed in the sterilization bags, and then start the sterilization process. These packing usually only pack one item at a time. The following are the steps for sterilization. First of all, will be punched on the back of the folded, keep the article protection in place. Indicate the date and serial number, so that it is easy to fail in the pulling load. Instrument is one by one on the packaging, at the same time put on gloves. Must keep the instruments on the appropriate size of the packaging. Otherwise you will have the chance to tear eye bags. Make sure the bag without too much air. Remove the belt and tight seal. After performing these steps, you must wait for a specified time. Later, you can check the indicator. Internal external indicator the indicator is used for packaging, used to indicate whether packaging is sterilization agent infiltration. External indicator the indicator is usually steam indicator, the instruments used to ensure the packing exposed in the process of sterilization. After the sterilization process, the instrument be placed in the packaging for a period of time, and properly arrange. After disinfection of instruments will maintain the sterilization condition, until the bag did not open or exposed to the water. The benefits of sterilization bags help disinfection teeth cleaning tools, tattoo equipment, small operation tools disinfection, until the next time they use. Disinfecting bag is a very effective way to ensure the safety of others, not contaminated tools infection. These bags will help clean after disinfection process of tools. Can be used as the organizers of the instrument, so you can put them in one place. These little bags will not only help the patient, can also help medical personnel to protect them from infectious disease patients. The use of sterilization bags are we must take a series of measures, to ensure the safety of the medical staff and patients. Whether using contaminated equipment, or made no tied an apron safety, health care management will play a big role. So, we should make sure that all safety measures are taken. Always like disinfection bag, high quality to ensure the safety of the largest.
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