How can pick up good gauze piece

by:Huiya     2020-12-05
With the continuous improvement of the level of our life, we have a higher request for the quality of the product, especially the hospital use of product, need to be more strict requirements, and that our life is closely linked, gauze piece is a frequently used items, so on health, safety and comfort have very high demand, we in the choice, must choose the high quality gauze piece, but now the market are more, gauze piece jumbly, let we don't know need how to choose, I don't know how to identify quality gauze piece, so, today, let machinery to explain the problem to us: first: the first thing we need to have a look at the appearance of packaging, look at the identification of display, and a detailed description on the package, the general gauze piece is sterile and non sterile type. Have a look at the products you buy is the type of the factory, because the use of the two way different, sterile gauze piece can be used directly, rather than the sterile products we use need to be sterilized between antivirus treatment, epoxy ethane is generally adopted. Also it is important to note that in the use of the use of sterile must look at the package is there effective use period, delivery time, qualified batch number etc. Check the packaging to see if there is any breakage, leakage phenomenon, if there is problem, should put an end to purchase and use. Second, check the gauze piece shape is in the bag is white, a touch is soft, and ask whether there are abnormal smell. Know the above standard of purchase, we can buy good quality gauze piece. Relevant tags: medical gauze piece
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