Grateful mother's day!

by:Huiya     2020-12-05
National customs in China: the second Sunday of may, will use CARDS and carnation on mother's day wishes to express love, also it has been suggested to Norway day lilies flowers to express their love: mother's day is celebrated on the second Sunday in February. Argentina: mother's day is celebrated on the second Sunday in October. Lebanon: on mother's day is celebrated on the first day of spring. South Africa: mother's day is celebrated on the first Sunday of may. They called mother's day Materice Yugoslavia, Yugoslavia Serbia in the two weeks before Christmas to celebrate every year. Celebrate the custom is: children in the mother's day morning sneaked into the mother's room, and tied the mother on the bed, the mother woke up to find himself bound, he cried out to the children let go of her, and she hid in the small gifts in exchange under the pillow in advance. Mother's day is Spain and Portugal have close relations with the church. On December 8th commemorates the day of the virgin Mary, is also the children to express love for mothers. Sweden's mother's day is celebrated on the last Sunday in May. On the eve of mother's day, the Swedish Red Cross will hold a plastic mother flowers, the sale will be the sponsor have many children in the mother's holiday. Blessing panama: mother's day is also called the birth of the spirit, the effect is to let people in panama attaches great importance to the family, respect for mother, and so on May 11, 1924, the first mother's day in panama, instead of December 8, 1930, do a Hercilia DE Arosemena between the first lady, but this is the online news, I don't know whether accurate, at that time many firms also responded to give discounts for mother, mother's day is a national holiday, festival is very meaningful. Egypt: every march last Friday is mother's day in Egypt. On this day, teenagers all over the country to give flowers and gifts, mother for mothers concerts and cultural performances, and selected the most ideal mother. Fashionable mother mother's day gift of India: April 5 every year is mother's day in India. On this day, who gave birth to the child's mother must wear colourful saris, wear beautiful jewelry, came to enjoy entertainment in public places, to show a mother female elegant demeanour. Central Africa: a year May 29th, the central African republic will celebrate the traditional mother's day. This day, mothers in costumes, embrace the child Bangui city held a grand parade in the capital. National leaders and government officials also want to join their festival, the festival more warm. France: every year May 29th is France's mother's day, festival day, the world's mother all harbor the joyful mood to accept children 'happy holidays' best wishes. France celebrate mother's day is a time for the first time in 1928, the then French President issued a decree: for this mother's day is the official holiday in the country. The French are more like a mother's day for the whole family held a birthday party. France in the last Sunday of may, mother's day the family get together for dinner, CanBi brought out a cake for mother on mother's day. Thailand: every August 12, the mother's day in Thailand. During the festival, the most meaningful activity is 'excellent' the mother, and then, holding a white jasmine tens of thousands of his daughter as a flower of the 'mother' tribute to the mother, to express gratitude. Japan: every year the second Sunday in May as mother's day in Japan. In Japan, this festival atmosphere full of thoughts. To show respect for his mother, general is given priority to with giving carnations. Canada: the second Sunday in May each year for 'mother's day'. On this day, family members in addition to mother gift store, and I will do all kinds of let mother glad things, to love. Switzerland: a solstice January 4, for 'women in power day'. In the four days, the family by women in charge of all powers, men are willing to listen to the mercy, in order to show respect for the women. Greece: January 8, is the British north clay 'women to take over the day' in the town of josiah. On this day, the women took over the town of leadership, while men in their place to stay at home and do housework. In Greece, on the second day of the New Year's eve every year, for 'housewife rest day', the women leave home, enjoy beer and skittles. Germany: in the annual carnival, another women's special activities - — 'A woman'. This day, women rushed into the city hall, broke into the office and sat down in the desk to show women's successor regime. August is Hamburg 'TaiTaiJie', the festival, the women group in the city's theatre of the organization, the content is mostly equality between men and women. UK: England to express their respect to the mothers, is the book (lent Refers to the Easter eve before Sunday except for forty days) On the fourth Sunday as 'MotheringSunday', people in this day to go home to visit his parents, respect and salute. At that time, there are many poor people must be in the rich as maids in the home, and was forced to boarding in the master home away from home, on this day, their owners will put them off, and encourage them to reunite with my mother at home. Mexico: every year December 12, is Mexico's 'Notre Dame day', in honour of a kind, happy to save the virgin. This day, people dressed in national costumes, carrying Madonna flags, under the guidance of the old man singing and dancing. The world of mother's day: although, many countries are in the different season of the year to celebrate their own mother's day. However, the vast majority of the countries in the world such as China, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Turkey, Australia and Belgium, are all in the mother's day is celebrated on the second Sunday of may. Relevant tags: disposable sterile gown
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