Gown worn method and using rules

by:Huiya     2020-12-06
Wear traditional sterile gown: surgery, staff hand washing to dry, remove the sterile gown from open sterile surgical clothing bag used for travel. Grabbed the collar two horns, toward inside yourself, find a spacious place it shook out fully, certain sleeve entrance, light up, hands quickly into his sleeve, two arms forward arm unbend, by nurses to assist taut stopped behind, their hands cuffs, visiting nurse further fastened collar, lace-up back, arms crossed filed belt, the nurse took the belt and assist fasten at the back. Wear pack type sterile gown: pack type sterile gown dress method basic same, only when the performer after put on the gown, put on sterile gloves, instrument nurses pass belt to performer puts his tie, package cover page after the back of the gown performer behind the part behind the sterile. Guangdong medical technology co. , LTD provides the gown can satisfy the demand of medical workers pay attention to wear gown, after his half stretch the chest, avoid touching the people or things around. Do not put hand in axillary, drooping over the shoulder or below the waist. After surgery and after surgery, the nurse to help solve their behind, around to the front catch gown collar, take off the clothes, forward conveniently gloves set operation personnel in the wrist, finger dig lives left hand gloves to fold took off, the left hand to pick right hand gloves inside to take off, spraying disinfectant to wear a gown.
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