Gauze breed diversity, wide range of USES

by:Huiya     2020-12-05
Gauze, gauze cloth is a kind of sparse matrix of cotton goods. Textile raw material, fabric, the characteristic is sparse, has obvious grid. Gauze use gauze breed diversity, use widely. Below with gauze species, varieties of them: 1, pure cotton gauze ( Also for pure cotton cloth) , mainly for the quilt, silk was expected, the cotton quilt. Can also be skimmed after medical, industrial after sizing finalize the design. 2, bleached cotton gauze ( Also for whitening gauze or add white gauze) , as a result of people's living conditions improved, advocating healthy. Bleached cotton gauze processing by bleaching and soft technology, natural, pure, comfortable, environmental protection, is to do a quilt, silk by the preferred material, also can do face mask. 3, absorbent gauze, is mainly used in medical bandage, cloth, adhesive plaster, etc. 4, masks gauze, do mask to use, have the package ( Big volume) Or a horse, to the needs of different cutting ways. 5, mosquito nets, gauze, make using mosquito nets. 6, bamboo mat, gauze, gauze this as pure chemical fiber cloth, power, used for bamboo mat base cloth. 7, sizing type gauze, used to wash the dishes towels, deerskin towel production, the production of carpet, artificial leather, etc. 8, wet skin of tofu, gauze, with pure cotton 21 or 32 yarn weaving, used to make tofu. 9, double gauze, with pure cotton yarn weaving, used to do the baby diapers, face towel, napkins and postnatal binding bellyband, fat belly in gauze, etc. 10, Halloween gauze, a variety of colors of thin gauze, hanging on the window when used for Halloween or make it colorful irregular costumes used to frighten ghost. 11, nursery stock flowers covered gauze for package when flower seedlings transplanting seedling roots soil. 12, thin gauze, sparse grid to big nets, package, and used to play quilt cover, decorative materials, wall decoration, or industrial use. 13, book binding gauze, cotton bleaching sizing shape, used for book design. 14, cotton wrapping cloth ( Also called cotton cloth or cotton packing packing cloth) 。 With 10 weaving yarn, cotton foreskin, terylene wrapping cloth. 15, vegetable greenhouses by cloth. Note: is the content such as cotton, hemp yarn spinning comparison of single filament, twisting and weaving. Industrial cloth, other name: iron emery cloth, emery cloth, corundum gauze, dry grinding gauze purpose: installed on the machine or by hand grinding on the surface of metal workpiece burr, rusty spot or polished surface. Package gauze is mainly used in the mechanical grinding of metal artifacts or plywood. Grain sizes small used for coarse grinding, grain sizes used for fine grinding. Gauze type 1, according to the yarn of different raw materials, can be divided into pure cotton gauze ( Also for pure cotton cloth) , pure chemical fiber gauze, blending gauze. 2, according to the weaving process is different, can be divided into single layer gauze, double gauze, multi-layer gauze. 3, according to different purposes of, can be divided into civil gauze, medical gauze, Absorbent gauze) , industrial cloth, etc. 4, according to different color, can be divided into color gauze, this white gauze ( Is the color of the cotton yarn) , bleached gauze ( Also for whitening gauze or add white gauze) 。 5, according to different degree of hardness and softness, can be divided into soft gauze, gauze, sizing sizing finalize the gauze. Gauze type polyester cotton gauze and cotton gauze how difference between 1. See: polyester/cotton gauze color is more bright than pure cotton gauze, and terylene colour and lustre is bright beautiful, fibrous tissue is also more compact. Compared with pure cotton gauze color is not so bright look very gentle, gauze surface will also see some residue of cottonseed. 2. Touch: pure cotton gauze, soft but not smooth, polyester/cotton gauze hand feel some slippery to the touch. 3. Burn: it is widely used in the industry was one of the most intuitive way. Cotton gauze, a bit namely, the flame is yellow, the smell of burning and burn, edge is soft, after burning leaves little colored flocculent ash; Polyester/cotton gauze when close to the flame first contraction then melt, emit black smoke, smell a kind of inferior fragrances, edge harden after combustion, ash for dark brown lumps, but can lay crushed. Gauze discrimination method gauze is divided into two kinds of gauze, which has two kinds of pure cotton gauze, polyester/cotton gauze, if buy how to distinguish, provides a method for you: you can find a lighter and burn you buy cloth, after burn, you can use the hand twist burning into ashes. If it is grey, it is pure cotton gauze; If there is a small particles after burning, it is proved that is not pure cotton, is unlikely to be terylene. This method is very simple, only need to take two minutes of the individual, you can judge it. Relevant tags: gauze, latitude and longitude is a thin cotton goods. Textile raw material, fabric, the characteristic is sparse, has obvious grid.
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