Effect of medical absorbent cotton gauze with alcohol just right

by:Huiya     2020-12-05
The present science and technology developed, rising standards of living, for all kinds of quality of life is also very demanding, today we'll come and medical simple together learn about what is the use absorbent cotton! 1, standing in the home with a bottle of 75 degrees of medical alcohol, load the empty spray bottle, computer keyboard, screen if dirty, can spray, wipe gently, clean and disinfect. To the handle, trash can, chopping board, light switch, mobile phone, also often gush, bacteria can't see is actually a lot of this a few places. Shoes inside always spray once, sterilization, liquor is also soon, don't have to worry about will be wet, but don't spray in the outside skin; 2, go out to travel, or is on a business trip to the big pharmacy to buy some cotton wool, cut into small ball on the ball, soaked in alcohol, into the empty bottles, so we can go out convenient to carry. When you eat can come up with a small ball to wipe hand ball, clean and sterilization; 3, some people would argue with cleanliness squat toilet clean sanitation, actually the squat toilet can lead to rectocele, hemorrhoids, the elderly will be easy to fall, legs hemp, put a small bottle of alcohol in sitting next to the toilet spray bottle, it is ok to each use. 4, medical absorbent cotton can also be cut into small pieces when make up cotton, very good drops; 5, thin clothes and more expensive summer clothes, with laundry vacuole 20 minutes, little how to knead, clean. Or to save one week before washing, perspiration, it's easy to let the collar is yellow. Wash do health cloth I also like to use the laundry detergent, without gloves. Because three times more expensive than with the weight of laundry detergent, but dosage is one third of the washing powder, so accounts down or economical. Another smell of homecoming like laundry detergent, washing clothes is very fragrant. Relevant tags: medical gauze piece
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