Domestic standard of B - D test package requirements

by:Huiya     2020-12-07
a) B - D the method of making the test package: B - D test package by 100% 100% skimmed pure cotton cloth or cotton surgical towel folding growth 30 cm plus or minus 2 cm, 25 cm plus or minus 2 cm wide, 25 cm tall The size of the 28 cm cloth; Will be dedicated B - The middle of the D test paper into the cloth; B - made D the weight of the test package is 4 kg plus or minus 2 kg, or the use of disposable or repeated use of B - D test package. b) B - D test method: test before preheating sterilizer, B - D test package placed prior to sterilization sterilization contained in the car bottom, near the bottom in front of the cupboard door and vent; Tank interior besides test package without any item; Time is not more than three at 134 degrees. 5 minutes, take out the test package, observe the B - D the color change of the test paper. c) Results: B - D test paper uniform color, B - D test through, sterilizer can be used; B - uneven discoloration D test failure, can repeat - B D test, qualified, sterilizer can be used; Is unqualified, B - shall be checked D test failure reason, until the B - D test after the sterilizer can use.
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