Disposable Shoe Covers

Disposable shoe covers are made of high quality disposable non-woven material and high elastic rubber band. The elastic mouth design can freely adjust the size of the shoe mouth, and  flexible and suitable for various shoe sizes. Non-woven shoe covers are easy to use, suitable for a variety of places where cleaning is required. It saving the trouble of changing shoes at the door and the embarrassment of taking off shoes, and it is favored by customers.

Non-woven shoe cover has an anti-static function, non-woven printed shoe cover also can be anti-skid and practical. In addition, the shoe cover can be used after sterilization treatment. It is characterized by light wearing, good breathable performance, convenient and practical, wide application range, and different corresponding functions for different materials. But it can also be anti-slip, anti-static, dustproof, and wear-resisting. Moreover, they are also much cheaper than non-disposable shoe covers, easier to handle.

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