Disposable medical supplies

by:Huiya     2020-12-06
The benefits of disposable medical supplies are the following: 1. Can avoid the medical device to quit the nosocomial infection caused by repeated use, and the use of disposable medical supplies have promoting effect to the national economy. 2. The use of disposable medical supplies can prevent the occurrence of nosocomial cross infection, especially to prevent the spread of some blood or injection of the happening of the disease. Such as HIV/AIDS, hepatitis b disease. 3. The use of disposable syringe can reduce the labor intensity of medical workers, reduces the disinfection of medical supplies of some of the program, easy to use, safe, no pyrogen. 4. Disposable medical supplies are generally carried out in accordance with the national standard of strict disinfection, the use of disposable syringe can reduce or even eliminate abscess by syringe disinfection not strictly. 5. Disposable medical products after using in, which must be disinfected, destroyed. Relevant tags: the disposable pad
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