Disposable kits manufacturer analysis medical protective clothing to prevent ebola virus necessity

by:Huiya     2020-12-09
Why medical protective clothing to prevent ebola virus necessity, the manufacturer of disposable kits from virus transmission way and the medical staff infected cases to analyze. The ebola virus is the main route of transmission: 1. Contact transmission. Direct contact with infected with ebola virus person or animal blood, urine, body fluid, feces, secretion, vomit, etc. May be the ebola virus infection. The ebola virus in the patient's death in the body can survive for several days, contact the patient's body and blood of death and can be infected. 2. Injection of transmission. In 1976, the then Zaire hospital every morning just send clinic five syringes, use only after a simple washing for use in the next patient. During ebola haemorrhagic fever outbreak in 1976, more than 80 people in 249 patients by syringe without disinfection in the hospital with infection. 3. Sexual contact transmission. Ebola haemorrhagic fever patients semen can be detected in the ebola virus. Even some patients recover, reports in 2 ~ 3 months after recovery still ebola virus detected in semen. Therefore, disinfect the ebola virus protection mainly include environmental pollution, pollution items protective, disinfection disinfection, medical staff personnel protection, etc. When equipped with protection, virus can be for direct enter human body through the respiratory tract, or after the contamination on the skin into the respiratory tract; When wearing inferior protective clothing or masks, virus adsorption on the fabric first, and then spread through the space between the fabric or penetrate the clothing or mask lining, and then enters the body through various channels. In view of the medical staff infected so much, who pointed out that medical personnel should not only consider the respiratory protective equipment, select the appropriate protective clothing is also very important. Because 'direct contact with the personnel such as' don't wear protective clothing will not only pose a threat to their own, also will be in contact with them, not strict adherence to infection prevention and effective disinfection 'secondary pollution' of personnel. Therefore, in order to control the spread of the infectious virus, prevent cross infection, the use of protective good performance of medical protective clothing is very necessary.
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