Disposable gown sense a doctor's surgery: how to choose

by:Huiya     2020-12-09
Today we will bring you some general knowledge of the one-time operation service, hope that through our introduction to let you to zhongshan medical health products co. , LTD. , the problem such as have a deeper understanding of it can be divided into four categories: health care class ( Sterilization, deodorization clothes and shoes are equal) , treatment ( Stop bleeding, relieving itching textiles, antiviral textile) , artificial tube ( Artificial blood vessels, windpipe, artificial esophagus,) And protection class ( All kinds of radiation protection clothing) 。 In addition to the above classification method, can also according to the function and the function is divided into ordinary medical textiles and high performance medical textiles. Refers to using high technology of fiber materials, which has the function of different medical textiles. High function mainly includes the gown, medical textiles a medical textiles surgery cap, disposable surgical clothing some general knowledge, shoes cover, face mask, surgical mask cloth gowns, bed supplies, gauze, bandages, dressing, adhesive tape, medical apparatus and instruments cover, artificial organs, etc. Ordinary medical textiles including medical care, patient and ward with cloth cloth, medical staff isolation and operating room cloth, etc. Recommend you to read this article: surgery under general, the whole application range is relatively wide, in the process of surgical operation, also can use operation suit; On the patient's treatment, epidemic prevention departments, virus contamination area, then you need to use surgical suit to protect staff involved in the work the body. Surgical suit is made of non-woven material for most of the time and in the process of production, will strengthen slices, add right amount to make it become a kind of non-woven composite material, this kind of material in the process of use of durability, and its overall fabrics relatively close one-time through surgery clothing style changes may need to be done according to the division of professional to choose, is light, loose and soft. So in many medical institutions, and chemical scientific research personnel are like to wear this kind of surgery surgical suit to work or research work. Surgery under the process of production, can according to customer's requirements, and the scope of application to production, such as the use in highly contaminated areas, need to customize the conjoined with cap style; If use in medical institutions, is in the process of custom, can choose the hat and clothes for the separation of style. 'Disposable surgical clothing some general knowledge' and other disposable gown manufacturer of an article can give you some help, we will in the subsequent elaborate more about zhongshan medical health products co. , LTD. , the content of the if you don't want to miss, suggested to collect our site!
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