Disposable dental irrigation tubular r&d process full disclosure

by:Huiya     2020-12-11
Development process the uncensored medical disposable cotton swabs development process full disclosure I and production of medical cotton swabs completely in accordance with the rules and regulations and standards, please rest assured the choose and buy. The company cited the advanced production machine, but the new science and technology, specific requirements are as follows. Medical cotton swabs medical swabs bar requirements: a) Plastic rods in medical swabs sign or wands rod surface should be smooth, no burr, shall not be mixed with besmirch, foreign bodies, etc. ; b) If the use is made of sticks, bamboo rod medical swabs sign body is should safeguard surface should be smooth, no fault, can not have stains and foreign body. The requirements of medical absorbent cotton in front of cotton: a) Before making medical swabs tampon pledget YY0330 - quality fully meet 2002 requirements, our company holds 'medical device registration certificate, our company's products are pass strict inspection before they go out standards; b) Medical cotton swabs before cotton fiber should be soft, white, tasteless, cannot have the macula, stains and foreign body. Relevant tags: the disposable cotton swabs price, disposable cotton swabs factory, disposable medical cotton factory
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