Disposable dental irrigation tube which need pay attention to when choose

by:Huiya     2020-12-11
Need to pay attention to when selecting what medical disposable cotton swab is almost every household essentials, it can undertake alexipharmic, daub on the wounds of patients with potions. It is composed of rods or plastic and cotton wool, at present is very high to the requirement of medical cotton swabs. Tampon pledget quality must be to meet the requirements, you also need to have the medical device registration certificate, the guarantee of the absorbent cotton. Should use cotton swabs of cotton fiber is soft, white, and there can be no stains, and the presence of foreign bodies. Cotton swab into sticks and plastic, are identical to the requirement of cotton stick, cotton bar surface should be smooth, no burr, and can't have stains and foreign body, the purity of the whole. In the case of demand so high, it should be how to choose the high quality medical swabs? Because medical cotton swabs are generally met the wounds of patients with direct contact, so choose a good cotton is also very necessary. Whether it's a swab absorbent cotton or cotton swab must choose standard material, so also has a great influence to the health of human body. Relevant tags: the disposable cotton swabs price, disposable cotton swabs factory, disposable medical cotton factory
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