Disposable dental irrigation tube production process

by:Huiya     2020-12-11
Processes for the production of the disposable cotton swabs with China's medical and health level gradually improve, commonly used in medical sterilizing medical tools medical cotton, sampling, etc, has the irreplaceable status. Medical cotton production, because of the large demand of medical cotton swabs are especially important, manual rolling swab method has been unable to meet the increasing demand, to improve the efficiency of medical cotton production, should use cotton swabs made machinery to replace manual rolling cotton swabs. Mechanization of medical cotton production methods and steps adopted by the more strict specification, also can better guarantee the quality of the medical cotton swabs. Medical cotton swab machine will strip compression after cut off, through send signed agency and sign the contact, cotton roll forming. Can respectively, and can be divided into five steps are: cotton, cotton, cotton, cut off and roll of cotton. Step is to send cotton will strip cotton timing right amount into the machine. Cotton is the second step pressure into strips cotton compaction, preparing for the third step cut cotton. The third step cut cotton cut article made a long cotton in a timely manner. Step 4 send sign, sign the rod is to guide article with cao contact with cotton. Step after step 5 cotton, will sign the rod rotation and move along the groove guide cotton by completing the roll of cotton. Medical swab sampling of production cotton swab to send the specific approach is to strip by machine CAM into orbit, CAM to CAM. Machine CAM in continuous rotation, but with stripe cotton only a quarter of the contact surface. This way, the advantages of the structure of the continuous movement of the motor can be transformed to intermittent movement. The pressure cotton slider-crank mechanism and pressure cotton was achieved by the movement of the slider. The advantage of this approach is relatively simple structure, but the downside is obvious, need to add a batch to crank transmission mechanism, it will have trouble. Ripping up cotton is cotton condition quadrant CAM and CAM rolling contact ripping up cotton. The advantage of this approach is to compress the noodles, in the next volume of cotton is more convenient and quick. Send sign is funnel limit sign pole can only one by, again by the roll wheel transmission components under the funnel will sign pole one away. The advantages of this approach is action with certainty, volume of cotton will be stable, large extent reduced the chances of introducing defects. Volume by pulley spinning cotton, rocker swing to implement two relative motion, at the same time, sign the spinning rod under the action of friction, achieve volume of cotton. Advantage is simple in structure, volume of cotton is very convenient. Relevant tags: the disposable cotton swabs price, disposable cotton swabs factory, disposable medical cotton factory
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