Disposable dental irrigation tube and what is the difference between ordinary cotton swabs?

by:Huiya     2020-12-11
Disposable medical cotton swabs and what is the difference between ordinary cotton swabs? When we use at ordinary times, disposable medical cotton swabs and what's the difference between ordinary cotton swabs we don't usually, but relative to the ordinary cotton swabs, disposable medical swabs has the more good sterilizing effect, especially when we in the treatment of slight wound, the use of disposable medical swabs sterilizing effect is better. So in terms of disinfection of disposable medical cotton swab the effect is more than the ordinary, disposable medical cotton swabs are generally not professionally sterilization, at the time of use are direct contact with the wound, to have the good effect, it not only is commonly used in the family, and in some medical units and the use of disposable medical cotton swabs, greatly convenient for medical workers, also play a good effect in clinic, it is ordinary cotton swabs comparable. Disposable medical cotton production material is better than ordinary cotton swabs, disposable medical absorbent cotton swab with medical professional, production is after high temperature sterilization, to ensure the purity of the raw materials, non-polluting, secondly adopted natural wood, the control of production process through strict and each level can guarantee aseptic operation, and medical cotton cotton head is tightly without impurities, elastic fiber, white and ordinary cotton swabs are made by the general ordinary cotton, its degree of fiber than medical cotton swabs. Warm prompt: when to buy disposable medical cotton swabs, should check whether the packaging is to have a flat, medical cotton swabs have macular, stains, etc. , cotton stick part should be smooth, no foreign bodies such as external thorns, because this is a one-time use medical cotton swabs, so should be thrown away after use, do not reuse, in the preservation of time should also be placed in a cool, dry place, sealed and packaging, also don't kept where it is easy to contact with children, relevant tags: the disposable cotton swabs price, disposable cotton swabs factory, the disposable cotton swabs factory
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