Disposable dental irrigation tube and what is the difference between ordinary cotton in the supermarket?

by:Huiya     2020-12-12
The disposable cotton swabs and what is the difference between ordinary cotton in the supermarket? Cotton swabs know how much, you know that our common ordinary swab and medical cotton swabs what's the difference? We are how to choose the general cotton swabs? Material is qualitative different, medical cotton swabs: you have very strict requirements in making, generally made from medical absorbent cotton and natural birch, must be made according to the standard and the pharmaceutical industry standards, once can not meet the standard shall not be listed; Ordinary cotton swabs: generally choose ordinary cotton, sponge head or is made of cloth. Level different: medical swabs: because medical swabs basically to deal with the wound, so the higher requirements for product quality, must be a level of sterilization products, apart can use; Ordinary cotton swabs: general is conductive products; Use different: medical swabs: mainly used for wound treatment, require product non-toxic, or to the human body and skin is the body not irritating, and require a strong water imbibition; Ordinary cotton swabs: wide range of USES, and the production cost is low, but cannot be used to deal with the wound; Different storage conditions: medical swabs: because use limitations, in order to avoid problems when using, so the request must be saved in the absence of corrosive and ventilation, but also not high temperature, relative humidity is no more than 80%; Normal cotton swabs: basic requirements, as long as it is waterproof dustproof. Buy different: medical swabs: only in regular pharmacies and hospitals to buy; Ordinary cotton swabs: whether big supermarket, small supermarket or small shop, can replenish onr's stock sales, nature who can purchase. Is more than five different medical cotton swabs and ordinary cotton swabs, the major difference is that their use of course, because use different, so the production process is different, the former is mainly used in health units and family health care, can be used for disinfection and deal with the wound, while the latter is mainly used on the trivial things in life. Relevant tags: the disposable cotton swabs price, disposable cotton swabs factory, disposable medical cotton factory
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