Disposable bag cloth

by:Huiya     2020-12-05
Product use in the process of medical device sterilization of package material. Suitable for high pressure steam sterilization, ethylene oxide sterilization, hydrogen peroxide plasma sterilization and formaldehyde steam sterilization. Product description: the product material adopt SMMMS ( S tensile and tearing resistance layer, M layer resistance microbes) Nonwoven materials. Product features: 1, can be guaranteed after sterilization of medical devices has effective microbial barrier properties and filter the waterproof performance, harm, no fading, water resistance, permeability is strong, easy to sterilization medium wear and wear a sterilization properties, good tensile, tearing resistance, resistance to puncture and other physical tolerance can. 2, soft, hanging degree good, ensure that items on the packing does not rebound. 3, ensure the transportation, storage and delivery of sterile products. 4, high cost performance, guarantee the cost-benefit russsian, effectively prevent hospital cross infection, reduce the hidden costs of treatment, improve the infection control. 5, a variety of sizes, colors optional, can be customized according to the clinical requirement. Product specifications: 1, the light cloth, light tray and cotton bag, small medical apparatus and instruments; 2, plain cloth, small package, small cotton bag and pallet, small medical apparatus and instruments; 3, the medium type cloth, light package, light tray and cotton bag, small medical apparatus and instruments; 4, medium type and cloth, medium-sized packages, medium-sized tray and cotton cloth, medium-sized medical apparatus and instruments; 5, heavy cloth, large package, large medical equipment such as POTS and trays treatment package; 6, heavy cloth, heavy equipment combination packages and basin of various treatment combination package. Relevant tags: disposable bag cloth
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