Disinfection sterilization packaging materials and methods of use

by:Huiya     2020-12-07
'Paper or plastic' is related to dental equipment disinfection, a whole new meaning. As medical equipment, sterilization packaging production has strict standards. Disinfection sterilization bags are usually made of paper and plastic, is the key component of any sterile guarantee. Dental infection control goal is to reduce the risk of disease transmission, and for each work in dental clinic or dental patients to provide a safe environment. The performance of the ISO standards made clear that -- - — Ensure that a product is the only way to effective steam sterilization is exposed to it three sterilization variable - — The existence of time, temperature and steam. Many traditional sterilization bags, however, is only one type 1 process of external indicator, used to identify exposed to high temperatures. Now has advanced technology, a design of sterilization bags with internal and external variable indicators, and remember, chemical index does not include the microbial spores, therefore, they can't prove that bag is sterile. Using the multivariate bags, combined with biological monitoring every week, provides a high level of aseptic guarantee. When choosing a packaging material, there are many factors to consider. Packaging material must be used with the sterilizer ( The steam, dry heat, unsaturated chemical) Compatible. Also note that some types of packaging and materials do not meet all the sterilization methods. Use the incorrect material may prevent or reduce the penetration sterilization agent. Keep the instrument after sterilization of aseptic is an important part of any sterilization process, so the sterilization packaging quality and durability is very important. Recommend the use of medical grade surgical kraft paper and transparent polypropylene/polyester film laminate; Because some manufacturers use recycled paper, should proceed with caution. Used in the sterilization bags of surgical kraft paper basic weight of 40 - 60 pounds, contains only the approved additives, controlled porosity, pinhole is not greater than zero. 5mm。 3. Antibacterial agent through the paper into the bag, dry hole must be effective in the process of closing, keep aseptic materials. Selecting the appropriate size of bag, to prevent the equipment overload, and help ensure penetration of aseptic agent, in order to reduce the chance to tear; At the top of the instrument or card and pouch sealing between should have at least 1 inch of space. Due to valve bag expansion and contraction will happen in the sterilization process, so the design of the valve bag for the lateral seal and seal, using the sealing tape, in order to protect the bag aseptic environment. Plastic or laminate side provide strength, impermeability and thermal stability. When the adhesive cover on the paper, 50% and 50% coverage on the laminate, displaying an appropriate sealing bag. If the adhesive sealing is 100% on the laminate, the top of the bag opening is not protected, thus affecting the sterile contents. Before install instruments, the bag can be pre-assembled folding on the perforated line, because after remove the protective tape for sealing, crease will play a guiding role. Any deviation may cause gap seal, and damage of aseptic packaging. Before will seal adhesive to the laminate, as much as possible to discharge the air from the bag; This will help prevent seal burst in the process of disinfection. Pressure sensitive adhesive is special in its stronger in the process of sterilization, become the permanent seal the single use device. After sterilization and storage, the contents of a film and paper clean separation on aseptic is very important. The outer layer of the film has been exposed in the process of transportation and storage, if any part of the plastic still adhere to the paper, instruments or come in contact with the surface of plastic, they will be considered a contaminated, must be reprocessed. While on paper or plastic facing some controversy. Best way is to put the items on the shelf, just like the books on the shelf. This structure is conducive to the effective circulation of steam and penetration, but also conducive to the drying process. Bag before drying should not touch, in order to reduce the risk of bacterial infection.
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