Disinfecting bag - Beauty salon disinfection

by:Huiya     2020-12-08
Custom sterilization bags in the beauty shop to find what China is like a surgical instrument bags, the internal and external storage bag should have indicator, it can remind you of any tear, crack, or hole - — Even those you may not see. Good bag also allows you to easily use your tool, and can be easily sealed themselves. Sterilization disinfection bag also should use lead-free ink, paper side should use the recycling process of paper making, in order to enhance the tear resistance. Only buy health or level of hospital disinfection bag, in order to achieve maximum effect, and select in protecting patients reputable suppliers and customers from harm. Protect your salon from the spread of the infection in addition to using additional method salon custom disinfection bag, you should also have a tank for combs, brushes, scissors and other cut to kill tube disinfectants and cutting equipment. Wooden items such as nail file, and some brush should not be used on multiple clients, because wood is inherently has the ability to carry bacteria. Last but not least, you should take measures to education your employees use a tool of health risk, these tools not properly disinfected before use. If the customer in common such as manicure or pedicure salon work feel stabbing pain or pain, you should let customers immediately remind you, and take the corresponding preventive maintenance measures. Often in the customer's line of sight range open your beauty salon disinfecting bag, let her feel more comfortable when trimmed nails or hair. When you follow the correct procedure for a healthy, clean, salon, you can look forward to more business almost immediately!
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