Different types of medical equipment

by:Huiya     2020-12-08
Medical equipment to help diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of the patient, the type of the equipment include: 1, nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) imaging, X-ray diagnostic equipment, etc. 2 laser medical equipment, etc. 3 life support equipment, including ventilation equipment. 4 medical monitor electrocardiogram (ecg) and blood pressure. Equipment can better serve the patients, therefore it is very important to improve equipment technology. These devices can identify diseases in advance to prevent serious illness worse. Family medical equipment through any nonprofessional caregivers provide medical services to patients in the home. Some family medical equipment include: air purifier, casing, atomizer, artificial limbs, pedestrians and wheelchair. Family medical equipment must have a doctor's prescription to buy. The importance of the equipment supply companies, including a very large organization, online retailers also plays an important role in terms of equipment and supplies, but all the necessary supplies and trade are based on the laws of the government. In the home to provide some of the basic features of the equipment is: 1 set up correctly the devices in the home. 2 make the family environment is suitable for the patient, better use of the machine is suitable for him. 3 training caregivers, the proper use of equipment. 4 24 hours contact with suppliers, the emergency. Assist maintenance on a regular basis. All suppliers must comply with the health insurance portability and accountability act ( HIPAA) To protect patient confidentiality and record. HIPAA rules for group health plans and the availability of certain individual health insurance policies and the breadth. It will help to correct many beneficial to the patient's behavior. Family medical equipment usually by the patient's medical insurance coverage, including medical insurance. For those patients to provide the best quality service at home. Hospital of tools and equipment as medical equipment. Many companies are in the business of hospital equipment. Equipment in the hospital are: tube, stomach tube, rubber sheet, rubber baby syringes, medical rubber ball ball, endotracheal tube, flushing, straw, etc. Durable medical equipment is a term used to describe the family and similar equipment. Health claims policy usually pay for the family to use medical equipment, in order to help improve the quality of life. It is the most insurance including a benefit. It almost as well as the household devices, use the same. Durable medical equipment refers to by the elderly or have a medical condition, disability or physical flawed people use, suitable for the equipment used in the home. As a sales of home medical equipment company ( ) To help those who have difficulty independently is our goal.
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