Dental Instruments

Dental oral care kits, also known as dental instruments. It belongs to the tool class used by stomatology specialty. The general structure is not very complex, there is no circuit board or integrated block, and no electricity is needed. It is simple and easy to operate and can be divided into one-time use and multiple uses. Our customized Dental instruments include dental mirrors, tweezers, dental probes, dental bibs, dental impression trays, etc.. Among them, the dental mirror is used for oral dental examination, reflecting and concentrating light on the examined part, increasing illumination, enlarging the image of the examined part appropriately, exposing the lips or pressing the tongue; The dental probe is used for oral dental examination, assisting to find tooth defects, probing caries holes , detecting sensation in affected areas and finding sensitive parts, etc. Tweezers are used for oral dentistry, forming a V-shaped structure, clamping cotton ball dressing, swab the inspected site or coa ting. To determine the degree of tooth looseness and forceps and percussion. Oral surgery instruments should be sterilized before they can be used, and it should be clean and tidy, so don’t wait to come dental kits wholesale.

We are the manufacturer of the best customized Dental instruments in China, with rich experience and trustworthy.

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