Dental Disposable Products

Our company has a great variety of dental disposable products, such as disposable protective goggles, dental mirrors, dental probes, disposable impression tray, surgical packs, implant irrigation tubing sets, and a series of Dental Instruments. The dental probes, mouth mirror, impression tray , and other products containing plastic parts are made of high-quality ABS, with high hardness, good flexibility, and it is not easy to occur deformation and fracture during the use. Temperature, pressure, and speed are accurately controlled during production to improve production accuracy and avoid obvious burr. As for the surgical packs and the implant irrigation tubing sets, we can customize and combine over 100 kinds of disposable surgical tools and consumables according to the needs, such as scissors, tweezers, tongue spatula, non-woven cloth balls, surgical gowns, nitrile gloves, and so on, which can meet a variety of surgical conditions. You can choose the neutral packaging, or print your own logo on th e packaging, we can meet your needs. We must do our best to meet your Dental Instruments needs.

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