Cleaning and maintenance of medical tools

by:Huiya     2020-12-12
Cleaning can be simple or complex, both in clean after anesthesia equipment and medical tools to check is very important. Sterilization can occur in many ways, the liquid sterilization in hospital, the doctor's office and nursing homes. Most of the time, the sterilizer is similar to soak or flushing. After cleaning and disinfection can be finished by the hot air or a clean cloth drying equipment and medical instruments of anesthesia. Dry tools may produce bacteria or rust on its own, must be discarded and replaced immediately, in order to prevent the harm the patients or staff. Correct storage and ensure medical tools and anaesthesia equipment necessary to keep sterile state. Placed in the unclean environment cleaning and disinfection of goods will also make them unclean. All storage areas should be regular cleaning and disinfection, to prevent contamination. Cleaning and disinfection cart anesthesia equipment usually carry in the cart, make an anesthesiologist work more mobility. Cart well organized, the anesthesiologist can quickly and easily obtain the required items. Cart is usually easier to hold his hands and with special smooth wheel locking mechanism. Cart has a variety of colors and styles to choose from, to match the hospitals, or nursing home decoration, office to meet specific needs. Each room or each layer of color coordination is a very common practice in hospitals and other large facilities. Anesthesia equipment cart promote clean, efficiency, organization and productivity. Medical tools for all the medical staff is extremely important assets, must be easily locate at any time, cleaning and disinfection. Shopping cart organization these tools to maximize productivity. To save the lives of health care professionals dedicated to save and prolong life. Each anesthetic equipment and medical tools play an indispensable role in their work. Correct cleaning, disinfection and maintenance of these tools for all of the patients is very important to provide first-class medical services. Many things not repeated use; For example, needle, medicine bags and tubes and other consumables, such as the machine itself is also use for a long time. Before the new model will use a lot of model, and then will be donated to international charity old models of free clinics or clinic. Anesthesia equipment and medical tools is to provide a key part of the quality of nursing. After each use, therefore, must be the proper cleaning, disinfection, storage and maintenance, any sign of rust or damage means replaced immediately.
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