Be sure to pay attention to the masks and timely cleaning replacement

by:Huiya     2020-12-06
Winter, the cold wind makes people wear masks from the cold, afraid of the cold to prevent cold. Actually, all day wore masks from the cold, the nose and the respiratory tract mucosa is not effective exercise and processing functions of cold air will be artificially weakened and a little bit cold, but easy to catch a cold. When people breathe, cold air through a series of orifices preheating and heat up, temperature is close to the human body, not usually has a great stimulation on the respiratory tract, so wear a face mask can only play a certain protective effect on facial. Need to wear a face mask is special occasions, such as crowds gathered in public places, the air circulation, should be cut off bacteria by wearing a mask. Another is their own suffering from influenza, pneumonia and other respiratory infectious diseases, wearing a mask can prevent the further spread of germs. No matter what circumstances, the most important thing is that it is important to note that masks the clean and timely clean replacement. In addition, don't choose the market popular colourful all kinds of decorative masks, these masks are often poor health situation, materials are likely to contain a large number of polyester fiber, unable to play its role in filtering, it is likely to spur bronchial disease, recommended to the formal pharmacy to buy. Relevant tags: medical kits
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