Autoclave - — Implement efficient sterilization

by:Huiya     2020-12-08
Boiling water used to sterilize tools and clothing, and still do. Boil can kill most harmful biological objects for a few minutes, but of course, you can't pour boiling water on the wound. Area before cleaning the wound or incision surgery is beneficial, the use of local convergence agent, such as iodine compounds and alcohol. First with surgical instruments through the astringent or fire to complete sterilization, both are effective, but completely sterilization does not exist. Alcohol can kill from basic surgical tools, some form of bacteria and other harmful species remain. Flame is almost completely sterilized but harmful to the tools themselves. There is a better way, a kind of guarantee complete sterilization methods. When people are aware of the high pressure steam can kill the harmful organisms such as canned cans and their contents, autoclave begins to be realized, high pressure steam can kill any creature in a very short period of time. Is first autoclave oven type, attached to the valve and steam controller, and a measurement system, in order to obtain the correct pressure and temperature. Began to completely eliminate these original but effective devices in the surgical infection. Steam at 212 degrees Fahrenheit ( 100 degrees c) , the pressure increases to about three atmospheric pressure, so the bacteria and other organisms will burst and and death, the virus would collapse. This soon lead to the generation of the autoclave oven. The front loading type device has its own heat form the & # 8230; … First gas heating, and then is electricity and heating elements. Door is a tight seal of the event, with a lock handle. It is large enough, can also cooperate with many of the instruments, usually in the metal tray before sterilization. Most of the sterilization is manual, so the timing is crucial. Then autoclave began to streamline processes, introduced a simple electronic devices, in order to regulate and monitor the temperature and pressure. Autoclave now wrapped in the paper of temperature sensitive, when sterilization is successful, the paper will change the color. Greater autoclave is developing in the 1960 s, and use. Autoclave is now computer control, high efficiency, small to doctors' offices around the world. Developing countries all over the world are now benefit from the autoclave, thus reducing the patient's infection. Without autoclave, have a problem need to overcome certain disciplines, beneficial to harmful and research of biological science laboratory experiments need to sterile sterile equipment. Pollution is also the problem of medical laboratory, aseptic technique is needed in the test plan.
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